Grants To Help Improve Your Marketing

There are several grants available for Irish businesses that can be used to improve your companies digital marketing efforts. Revelate has worked with dozens of our clients to secure and make the most of these grants.

What Grants Are Available

There are a range of grants available from a variety of sources. The Irish government provides grants through national agencies like Enterprise Ireland and local agencies such as the Local Enterprise Office. There are also some grants available from the EU and cross border entities. Universities like Trinity also supply some grants and aid and there are some independent grants such as Digital Accelerator Grants and business supports from companies like AIB, Bank of Ireland and Vodafone. In this article we will focus on grants available for web development and digital marketing purposes.

Digital Accelerator Grants

Digital Accelerator Grants are available to sole traders, start ups and SME’s. They provide funding for improved web presence for Irish based businesses. They work with companies that provide services and/or products as well as B2C and B2B businesses. They also pair you with an approved agency to ensure you get the most from the grant.

Organisation: Digital Accelerator Grants

Who can apply: Any Irish based business

Requirements: Less than 80 employees and under €8 million turnover per year

Funding: A matching grant (they pay 30%, you pay 70%) with up to €4,500 from D.A.G. for web development. 40% funding for management costs for 3 months after launch, 20% for management costs for the next 3 months.

Link to Digital Accelerator Grants

Online Trading Voucher

The Online Trading Voucher scheme is aimed at supporting small businesses to develop or enhance their online trading presence. The grant can be used for services related to web development, digital marketing, online advertising, and e-commerce functionality.

Organisation: Your Local Enterprise Office

Who can apply: Any Irish based business

Requirements: Less than 10 employees and under €2 million turnover per year

Funding: A matching grant (they pay 50%, you pay 50%) up to €2,500 from the LEO

Link to the LEO’s information page

Online Retail Scheme

The Online Retail Scheme is designed to support Irish retailers in developing a strong online presence and increasing their competitiveness in the digital marketplace. The grant aims to assist businesses in implementing and enhancing their e-commerce capabilities, digital marketing strategies, and online customer engagement.

Organisation: Enterprise Ireland

Requirements: 10+ full time employees

Who can apply: Irish based business with a physical store and 50% of revenue coming from product sales

Funding: A matching grant (they pay 50%, you pay 50%) with up to €25,000 from Enterprise Ireland

Link to Enterprise Irelands application

How We Can Help

We have extensive experience with applying for grants on behalf of our clients and know how to write the applications to ensure that you have the best chance of getting the grants approved. We’ve had dozens of clients approved for grants and our success rate is over 95% with grant applications.

Once we get the grant approved we make sure that not only does the project work towards your goals but that the aims of the grant are also met and provide the necessary analytics and other information for a report back to the granting authority. This ensures that you remain in good standing in their files leaving further grants in the future as an option for you.

If you’re thinking of applying for a digital marketing grant or web development grant speak to us today and we can help ensure that you get the grant and have a successful project.

Win Grants and Take your marketing to the next level

We’ve been helping our customers receive funding from private and government grants for over ten years and then turning those grant funded projects into real success. Don’t leave it up to chance, let us help you get the grants and start increasing your sales.

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