E-Commerce Sites

According to the Dept of Communications Irish consumers are spending €850,000 per hour online this year. Thats €12.3 billion a year and the Department estimate it will grow to €21.4 billion by 2020. If your products aren’t available to purchase online then you’re missing out on a huge percentage of your potential sales.

Making the step into the world of e-commerce can be daunting for some people. At Revelate we understand that even though most businesses who need e-commerce know it, they can be uncertain how to proceed.

We’re happy to discuss options with you without giving you the hardsell other companies do. If you decide to take this step with us we can:

  • Set up the site
  • Install analytics
  • Free training on how to use the site (with follow ups)
  • Set up your secure payments system
  • Set up all your products on your site
  • Manage the site for you on an on-going basis

Start making sales online

In the time you spent reading this page Irish consumers spent over €120,000 online. Can you afford to keep missing out?

Contact us now and start making online sales!